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A. Konstantinov President of the Organizing Committee of the International Music Tournament TEREM CROSSOVER, Honored Artist of Russia
Dear Nadezhda!
On behalf of the organizers, participants and members of the jury, let sincerely thank you for your great contribution to the organization and conduct of the Second International Music Tournament TEREM CROSSOVER.
The second International Music Tournament TEREM CROSSOVER, held in St. Petersburg from March 26 to April 1, 2012 and brings together the brightest 150 musicians from 12 countries, received the Distinguished resonance in Russia and abroad, confirming its status as one of the most interesting and promising music projects in St. Petersburg in recent years.
Tournament TEREM CROSSOVER would not have an event of this magnitude without the support of our friends and partners. High-quality transport services - one of the most important factors needed to ensure a decent standard of organizing events of this magnitude. We are deeply grateful to you personally and the Group of Companies "Interservice Logistic Group" for their logistical support, thanks to which we were able to create maximum conditions for the comfort of participants and guests of the tournament in St. Petersburg.
We wish you good health, happiness, prosperity and good luck in all your endeavors and endeavors!
Y.Mikhailova Head of International Cultural and humanitarian project "Golden Bridge"
Thanks to the transport company
LTD "Interservice" Korotovckih Nadezhda
For help in organizing the Festival of Young Orchestras
within the framework of
International cultural guianitarnogo project
"Golden Bridge".
Thanks to your activity World culture retains its high position.
Ravshan Zakirov CEO Smart System Holidays LLS
Hereby express our gratitude to the company "INTERSERVICE", in particular Shachenok Daria, for their assistance in the operational organization of the visit of Saudi Arabia in St. Petersburg from 13-17 May 2011, led by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz al Saud, the chief of the Saudi Committee for Tourism and Antiquities, who arrived in St. Petersburg at the invitation of the Director of the State Hermitage Mikhail Piotrowski for the opening of the exhibition "Ways of Arabia. The archaeological treasures of Saudi Arabia".
M.Ryabko Director of social shelter for children, "Transit"
DEAR Nadezhda!
The administration of St. Petersburg State agency social shelter for children, "Transit" expresses sincere gratitude for the timely delivery of assistance to children on an excursion to Peterhof.
Your cozy, comfortable bus, warm concern for the driver made an indelible impression on our students and teachers.
Thanks to you not only the tour was interesting and informative, but also the way some fun.
Our agency is engaged in living arrangements of children who find themselves without the care and support, including victims of trafficking who do not have registration in St. Petersburg. These are children from 3 to 18 years with very severe fate: cast, throw, run away from a family in which they have experienced violence and humiliation.
Any help in these difficult times is invaluable not only for us and our students, it is the key to the future children of our city.
Always glad to see you guest of our house.
A.Filatov Deputy Chairman of the Interstate Aviation Committee
Dear Dmitry!
Hereby certify to you and your team headed by the company to ask for respect and appreciation for the quality of transport services during the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.
Our long-term partnerships allow us to appreciate the efficiency and reliability of your company.
I especially want to mention an individual's approach to customer service, promptness in addressing flawless execution of their obligations and professional staff.
We hope for further constructive cooperation. Best wishes to you and all the staff of the company.
S.T.Hodko Chairman of the Northwest Development Agency and Investment
Dear Nadezhda!
Thank you for supporting the fifth anniversary of the annual conference "Cross-border cooperation: the Russian Federation, the European Union and Norway", which was held on 28-29 September 2009 in St. Petersburg (hereinafter - the Conference).
The organizers were: the Government of the Leningrad Region), North West Development Agency and Investment, Nordic Council of Ministers. The conference was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Delegation of the European Commission in Russia, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia. The initiator of the conference - North West Development Agency and attract investment.
The event was attended by over 270 professionals working in the field of cross-border cooperation. Among them are representatives of: the federal authorities of Russia (Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Federal Assembly of Russian Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, Federal Customs Service of Russia, Federal Agency for Tourism, the Federal Railway Transport Agency, Federal Agency for Education, Federal Agency for Development of the State Border of the Russian Federation and others); regional and local authorities, border regions of North-Western federal district, national, regional and local authorities, border states, non-profit, non-governmental and research organizations, public associations in Russia and border states; Governing bodies of the European Union, international organizations (Council of Ministers of the Nordic countries, United Nations Development Programme, the Nordic Investment Bank, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation «NEFCO», Association of European Border Regions, the Committee of the Regions of the European Union), business (JSC "RZD" , October Railways, OAO "LUKOIL", RAO "UES of Russia" and OOO "Gazprom Export", Eurasian Development Bank, CJSC "North-West Sea Port").
The conference discussed a wide range of issues relating to cross-border cooperation:
General questions:
- Factor of cross-border cooperation in international relations and joint planning of development of border areas;
- Legal and institutional regulation of cross-border cooperation;
- Financing of projects of cross-border cooperation, including by means of programs of cooperation between Russia and the EU;
- Prospects for business cooperation;
- Forms of organizing cross-border cooperation and their role in the socio-economic development of border regions;
- Arrangement of borders and the development of border infrastructure;
- Border component in the policy of "Northern Dimension", and mechanisms for coordination of regional cooperation programs.
Special issues:
encourage business development in the border areas, in particular small and medium-sized businesses;
- Marketing and image development of border regions, the development of tourism;
- Development of transport and logistics in the border regions;
- Increased cooperation of border regions in the education sector;
-As well as: the role of inter-parliamentary dialogue, the importance of the northern territories,
possible trade representative of Russia in the Baltic Sea region, etc.
E.Mamedov Advisor of Presidential Executive Office of the Azerbaijani Republic
Dear Dmitry Anatolievich!

I would like to express our sincere and profound gratitude for the invaluable cooperation during the Summit 2010 in Saint Petersburg.

We believe we will keep established business and personal relations and we hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

We wish you successful development and new achievements in business.
Sheila Magnnis White House Office of Communications
Employees of the Office of Communications White House to thank for their help and support you have during the visit of the President of the United States in St. Petersburg. Your exceptional ability in combination with an interested attitude and professionalism have helped us to bond the President of the United States, White House staff and the U.S. Secret Service.
The international project "The Return of Memory" humanitarian fund "Svet" Fund "School Success" The international project "The Return of Memory" humanitarian fund "Svet" Fund "School Success
And this charter is granted to man worthy and noble a personal contribution to the cause of the total in Stories marked as "Return of Memory," Memory of Savva Vladislavich column, named Raguzinsky, glorious son of the Serbian people, the Russian diplomat and politician, who served the world, the greatness and the union of states in the the time of Peter the Great.


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