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Shuttle buses

Interservice can offer you the benefit of our expert shuttle bus service (SBS) for your company.

We have been providing this service for more than 10 years in Saint Petersburg and Leningradskaya Oblast, so we reached the highest level on this market.

Shuttle bus service includes:

  • Dispatching (24 h dispatching service);
  • Shuttle trips as per related schedules and timetables;
  • Prompt response to any changes in SBS timetables;
  • Daily pre-trip and post-trip technical inspections of vehicles;
  • Daily pre-trip medical check-ups of drivers;
  • Assistance in determining routes;
  • Maintenance (M-1,M-2 and so on) at specialized maintenance and repair facilities (transportation enterprise or servicing station);
  • Quick replacement of vehicle in case of its failure (10-30 minutes);
  • Availability of mobile communications;
  • Insurance for each vehicle;
  • Skilled drivers;
  • Particular drivers work for specific customer;
  • Presentable appearance, clean exterior and interior of the vehicle;

Upon customers request we can provide additional services such as:

  • Provide drivers who speak foreign languages;
  • Place customers brand name on vehicles sides.
  • Use our vehicles for customers advertising;
  • Purchase of additional equipment and installation of this equipment in the vehicle;
  • Provision of back-up vehicles and other services.

Interservice pays special attention to drivers skills and qualifications:

  • Work experience of each candidate should be at least 5-7 years, each candidate shall have B and or D category drivers license and pass a number of interviews and tests;
  • Each driver shall attend a 20-hour safe driving course every year, Once a year all drivers undergo medical examination.
  • Company organizes additional training courses, safety meetings and practical training;
  • In order to encourage polite and courteous treatment of clients Interservice instructs its personnel on the principles of the corporate culture;
  • All our drivers have a reputation for discipline.

Interservice is ready to offer your company minibuses and buses driven by the skilled drivers for shuttle trips.

The cost of shuttle bus services is calculated for each particular case and depends on the following factors:

  • Schedule and timetable;
  • Route;
  • Number of vehicles required;
  • Time of use;
  • Type, model and year of manufacture of the vehicle;

Availability of additional features and facilities which improve passengers comfort and so on.

Interservice obtained certificates of conformity to:

  • Automobile Passenger Transportation Code,
  • Regulations on Traffic Safety,
  • Regulations on Safe Passenger Transportation and other codes and standards.

If you contact us we will offer you a top quality service and will help to select an optimum option considering your particular requirements, including number of seats, route length and budget.

Interservice received all the licenses, required to conduct passenger transportation.