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Interservice acted as the transport partner of the meeting devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Interparliamentary Assembly, which took place in the Tauride Palace. At the central of the Assemblys work stay the the development of model legislative acts for monitoring elections and referendums, organizing congresses and conferences. The meeting was addressed by the staff of the parliaments of the Commonwealth countries, the chairman of the CIS Executive Committee, the heads of international partner companies. The transport company for high-ranking guests and participants of the meeting was the company Interservice.
The company Interservice serve not only guests-participants of the IPA, but also guests of other status events of the Northern capital, such as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum or the Naval Salon. The company Interservice offers a wide range of services: from renting a personal car with a driver to service transportation. The fleet of the company has a large selection of VIP, representative and business class vehicles. Would you like to order a service for a meeting of VIP guests? Then Interservice is the choice for you!

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