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Interservice put a special focus on transportation services, which are gaining popularity at present: complex fleet management or outsourced fleet management.

Outsourced fleet management is a comparatively new practice, however, it has been gaining popularity among companies, for which transportation is not a primary area of business.

The main benefit of fleet management outsourcing is that this practice helps to save time and money. Our clients, which trusted us their fleets are confident that they will timely receive relevant high quality services.

One of our main benefits is vast experience in successfully providing this service, thorough knowledge of transportation operations, skilled personnel is capable of rendering excellent customer services.

If you use our services you will be able to focus on your business, reduce administrative costs for HR-related book keeping and calculation of wages and salaries, minimize expenses and resolve various HR issues.

Interservice experts will consider all your needs and will prepare a fully tailored contract for outsourcing services.

Outsourcing services can include:

  • Recruitment;
  • Provision of project manager, person, who will be in charge of the customer’s fleet, dispatcher, mechanic, medic, HSE officer and others;
  • Timely technical inspection of your vehicles, which will help to extend their service life.
  • Daily technical inspection of the fleet and timely notification on any discovered problems.
  • Payment of remuneration to the drivers, temporary replacement of the drivers, who are on sick leave or vacations;
  • Mobile phones for drivers , dispatchers and other personnel;
  • Daily pre-trip medical check-ups of the drivers.
  • Personnel training, safety meetings, temporary replacement of the personnel, attending training courses;
  • Timely reporting;
  • Record keeping of trip tickets.

Additional fleet management services include:

  • Payment for fuel and relevant record keeping;
  • Provision of secured parking area at night time and on days-off;
  • Passing State vehicle safety inspection;
  • Replacement of broken vehicles;
  • Personnel transportation to their work place.