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Interservice offers an outstaffing service. Outstaffing means the transfer of some employees working in one company to another legal entity. So, we offer your to outstaff your company’s drivers, dispatchers, operators and other transportation personnel.

If we sign an outstaffing agreement you transfer your personnel to our company and the responsibilities for maintaining their documentation, related salaries and taxes, and other work issues (training and compliance to the applicable Russian labor laws) become the responsibility of our company. It means that Interservice will become a formal employer for your personnel and your company will be released from the any legal and financial responsibilities to transferred personnel.

Outstaffing services include:

  • Human resources services;
  • All the HR-related paperwork as per existing labor laws;
  • Calculation and payment of temporary disability benefits , holiday compensations, paperwork related to travel expenses;
  • Calculation and payment of wages and salaries;
  • Calculation and payment of income and social taxes as per applicable laws;
  • Book keeping, preparation of accounting statements and reports.
  • Cancellation of employment contract with an employee upon the Customer’ s request;
  • Regular and mandatory training courses and meetings for drivers;
  • Professional medical check-ups;
  • Recruitment;
  • Replacement of an employee, when temporary disabled or on leave.

The cost of each project is subject to discussion with the client, however, it depends on the following:

  • The number of employees, that you’d like to transfer to other legal entity;
  • Salary budget for the transferred personnel;
  • Taxation system applied by the customer;
  • Duration of the project.
  • Specific customer’s requirements, for instance — purchase of voluntary health insurance policies for his employees.

The following are the benefits of outstaffing:

  • Flexibility in HR management;
  • Same level of control over the personnel with less management and accounting efforts;
  • No legal responsibilities to employees;
  • No risks related to dismissals;
  • Guaranteed compliance with all labor and taxation laws.

If you use our services you will be able to focus on your business, reduce administrative costs for HR-related book keeping and calculation of wages and salaries, minimize expenses and resolve various HR issues. Interservice believes that its primary objective in outstaffing processes is to comply with all the social responsibility norms.