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The branch of LLC "MAN TRUCK AND BUS RUS" in partnership with the LLC "Interservise" company provided transport support to the charitable project "The Road to Life": in a climbing center "Tramontana" was  held a climbing lesson for children - inmates of orphanages No. 27 in Kolpino and No. 64 in Pushkin.

The goal of the project is to introduce children with a sport which can help to develop self-confidence and open up new opportunities. It's not a secret that children in orphanage are especially difficult. The system in which they are brought up, gives them only a minimum - a roof over their heads, clothes and education at school. But, unfortunately, this is not enough for a full-fledged life: it is important to improve such values as self-confidence, empathy, support. The rock climbing is an intellectual and extreme sport, thats why 70% of success in it depends on the athlete and the remaining and the other 30% - on a partner/ So it obliges to be attentive, thoughtful and to support other people, being responsible for friend. In addition, small and large victories in rock climbing transfer to real life. A person becomes more enduring, tolerant, more attentive to people and easily solves difficult life problems.

Two-hour lesson gave children a lot of fun and unforgettable impressions. It started in bouldering hall (climbing on rocks with a height of 1 to 7-8 m), where children had an opportunity to warm up and try to climb through simple moves. With this task, they managed to "excellent". There was an impression that this was not the first training in their life: the children demonstrated the correct arrangement of the body and the ideal positioning of the legs on the hooks. When the children felt the excitement, it seemed that between them was even a small competition and struggle for who to go first.

In the second part of the lesson, the children had to overcome a more difficult test: lifting with the top insurance on the tracks on the wall, imitating the natural relief. In this test, all of them showed the ability to easily move around the wall, occupy the optimal position and see the track. And, of course, all this was accompanied by positive emotions and smiles on the children's faces!

Director of the rock-climbing center "Tramontana" Roman Semenov:

"It's always interesting to work with children. Therefore, we immediately responded to the proposal for a lesson for the orphanage children. The fact is that they have much less fears than adults and because of their lightness and immediacy, they very quickly achieve success in rock climbing. Moreover, we will be happy if any of these guys are interested and go further in this sport. Who knows, maybe then this person will be the future master of sports. "

Natalia Gracheva, PR-coordinator of the project "The Road to Life":

"Rock-climbing is a sport where there are always positive emotions, joy from the result achieved and, despite the fact that in rock climbing a person does not have an opponent, except himself, like-minded people always support him and will always be happy with his breakthroughs. This is what makes a person happy and gives strength. And I want this lesson in our city to have a dozen more happy children. In the future, we plan to conduct similar lessons on an ongoing basis. "

Anastasia Tuseeva, PR-manager of OOO Interservis:

"It is very important to support the child at the stage of the formation of basic values of life, especially if it occurs in a difficult social environment. If by our joint efforts we have at least a few moments made the child feel that he is able to achieve serious success in this life, give a little joy and healthy emotions, then we need each other and that means our cooperation will continue. "



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